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Organizations are realizing that logistics touches virtually every operating activity of their business; that in order to compete in the global marketplace, logistics must become a core competency. To that end, Advanced Logistics provides leading companies with comprehensive industry expertise in five tactical areas:

  • Logistics Data Quality – to ensure that information your business needs to facilitate order creation, order fulfilment, and order delivery process, is of such quality that it enhances on-time delivery, while at the same time reduce transportation costs.

  • Parcel Shipping – to ensure that your small parcel shipping operations are uncomplicated, fast, accurate, integrated with enterprise applications, and compliant with your carriers.

  • LTL Shipping – to ensure that you’re maximizing carrier discounts; LTL shipments are being properly rated; Straight or VICs Bill of Ladings are printed correctly; and carton and skid labels are generated as needed.

  • Supply Chain Visibility – to ensure your enterprise is capturing, aggregating, and repurposing logistics data (coming from suppliers, partners, customers, carriers, and freight forwards) and then presenting it to enterprise users at the time and place they need it.

  • Supply Chain Event Management – to ensure that any number of events that take place throughout the lifetime of a customer order are monitored so that enterprise users can be alerted and react in an optimal way if and when they take place.

  • Re-Purposing Logistics Information – to ensure that you are maximizing the value of your logistics data across all departments of your company.

We know technology and business processes. We know logistics. All we have to learn to help you make logistics a core competency is your unique business philosophy, customers, IT infrastructure, and business processes that make your business unique in the marketplace.

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Advanced Logistics shipping solutions are complimented by personalized customer service and support and maintenance programs designed to meet each company's specific needs. Advanced Logistics "big fish in a small pond" approach to support means you will not spend time waiting to resolve your issue by being passed from one level of support to another. We do not put our customers on hold.